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Antonio Segura Donat (DULK) portrait Photo by: Jesús Amable Gil

Antonio Segura Donat (DULK)

Dulk was born in Valencia where still living nowadays. Dulk is an all-purpose artist. Between urban art, drawing, painting, sculpture, each medium is a challenge that he takes up with pleasure and determination. His art has evolved in a remarkable way in recent years but its essence has always been the same. His naturalistic worlds show us a tragi-comic and surrealistic themed landscape full of details, sometimes real sometimes fiction but always inviting us to dive on them. His compositions recreate biological environments involved in antagonistic concepts. With a soft chromatic palette, Dulk creates a oneiric narrative scenario full of characters, which is the first visualization transmits beauty and calm but that will lead us to a deeper meaning in the following observations. The artistic evolution of the work is projected beyond the perfection of the technique and the detail that invite you to get lost or the spaces where you can get carried away. The study has led to subsequent incorporation into a plastic language, endowing creations with the autonomy that allows the viewer to be free in the dialogue with the work and share with it an open story.


Collective shows

  • “Artconvex”, Hong Kong.
  • “Painters Painting”, Plastic Murs, Valencia (ES).
  • “Small works 2019”, Beinart gallery, Australia.

  • “Pow Wow Hawai 2018”, Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu (USA).
  • “Small works 2018”, Beinart gallery, Australia.
  • “Arte Santander”, curated by Ink and Movement, Santander (ES).
  • “Scope”, Thinkspace gallery Miami(USA).
  • “Valencia en papel 2”, Plasticmurs gallery, Valencia (ES).

  • “València en Papel”, Plastic Murs, València (ES).
  • “Scope Art Show”, Thinkspace Gallery, Miami (USA).
  • “Simbiosis”, Montana Gallery, Barcelona (ES).
  • “Juxtapozed”, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne (USA).
  • “More Than Display”, Topic Tolosa Museum, Tolosa (ES).
  • “Winter Invitational”, ABV Gallery, Atlanta (USA).
  • “LAX / ORD”, Vertical Gallery, Chicago (USA).
  • “Flourish”, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa (USA).
  • “The New Vanguard”, The Lancaster Museum of Art and History, Lancaster (USA).
  • “Pow Wow Hawai 2017”, Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu (USA).

  • “Scope Art Show”, Thinkspace Gallery, Miami (USA).
  • “Winter”, Dampkring Gallery. Amsterdam (NL).
  • “Small Works”, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles (USA).
  • “Winter Invitational”, ABV Gallery, Atlanta (USA).
  • “Nexus”, The Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale (USA).
  • “Street Art Water Towers”, Tabakalera, San Sebastian (ES).
  • “Scope Art Show”, Thinkspace Gallery, New York City (USA).
  • “Lápiz, Papel o Tijera”, Plastic Murs, València (ES).
  • “A Better View”, ABV Gallery, Atlanta (USA).

  • “The nightmare in wonderland”, Aiden Gallery, Vancouver (CAN).
  • “The nightmare in wonderland”, Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago (USA).
  • “Scope Art Fair”, AVBA Gallery, Miami (USA).

  • “Group show”, Freshly Baked Gallery, New Jersey (USA).
  • “Carte Blanche”, Openspace Gallery, Paris (FR).

  • “Roots&Buds”, GHP Gallery, Toulousse (FR).
  • “BMW Welt”, Schalbe & Schalbe Gallery, Munich (DE).
  • “Roots&Buds”, GHP Gallery, Toulousse (FR).
  • “Brussels in shorts”, Brussels Comic Museum, Brussel.les (BE).

  • “Art Meets Fashion”, Oysho, Madrid (ES).
  • “WeArt”, Transforma BCN, Barcelona (ES).
  • “Cross Fire”, LowerCase, València (ES).
  • “Palyndromes”, The Mall, Ontinyent (ES).

  • “Bing”, Brussels Comic Museum, Brussel.les (BE).
  • “Across Rewritting”, Torino (IT).
  • “Conquistadores”, Strychin Gallery, Berlin (DE).
  • “Hostages”, Galería La Minúscula, Valencia (ES).

  • “Across Rewritting”, Circolo Culturale AMANTES, Torino (IT).

  • “Rewritting4”, Gallery Lovers, Torino (IT).
  • Caldodecultivo, El Niu, Barcelona (ES).

Solo Shows.

“Scope Art Fair”, Thinkspace Gallery, Miami (USA).

Legacy, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles (USA).

Extinction, Thinkspace Gallery, Moniker Art Fair, Londres (UK).

Broken Thoughts, Galleria Varsi, Roma (IT).

Look Back, Tattoo Gallery, Barcelona (ES).

Artifex Gallery, Amberes (BE).